Married Seven Months and Still No Sex

These two are both so gross. They have been married since August, but haven't had sex yet. Whoops I almost threw up in my mouth just from typing that. Gary, who is 40 and a virgin, said:
"It's my business, it's my issue and I really don't think it's a problem." (I do agree there.. the problem would be when he decides it's time!)

But he insists he never set out to become a 40-year-old virgin: "I don't choose to be one, I just am. I have love in my heart, I have the desire; I just don't know what it is. It'll happen when it'll happen, and it'll happen for all the right reasons." I bet Shannon can't wait
! You would think he'd be excited to have sex since he said he has never had "the opportunity" to be in an intimate relationship" yet, and he's FORTY! Gee, I wonder why... he's so charming, good looking, and even tempered.