Hospital Staff Fired For Sneaking a Look at Brit's Crazy Files

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Staff at the UCLA Medical Centre are reportedly being fired for attempting to access Britney's medical files.

As we know, the Britster spent seven days in the hospital at the end of January to be given treatment for her Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, before she busted out and was on the loose again.

13 employers are in the process of being fired and 12 others, including doctors, will be disciplined for looking at Britney's confidential records.

This is not the first time the hospital has axed employers for peeking at her files.In 2005, when the singer gave birth to son Sean, several members of staff were caught looking at her computerized records.

The hospital's director of human resources, said: "It's not only surprising, it's very frustrating and it's very disappointing.''
Before adding she felt "horrible" that it happened again.