Dave Grohl with wife Jordan
who is this girl?
Sickest "outfit" ever

"Stop it Steve! OMG You're so funny!! STOP! You're killing me!"


Wow, so sexy

Matthew Broderick and his son, who has been the same age for 5 years, take their terrier for a walk

Rod Stewart's son is a friendless freak

Nice head gear, Cammie

Jim Carrey on the set of "Yes Man" about a man who has to say yes to everything for an entire year

Bulimic, anorexic, and spiraling into madness.. Carson Daily

You're really not that cool.. how many days are you going to wear that outfit? This is the 3rd time

"Oh, Steve! It's so perfect! May I? But..it's $33.00" UGH Steve Sanders and Heidi

Not one smile in over three years

Cover them!!

Adam Sandler films 'Bedtime Stories" in Santa Monica

John Travolta is a pig

Just speechless

Sarah Jessica: timeless beauty

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YOU. ARE. SUCH. A. BITCH!!!! Oh the horror of signing my name.... I can't bear to lift the pen....

We don't see Lindsay hiding under a blanket.. holding a red bull. ugh why are you bothering to hide, we know about your gross lesbian ways

Pink and her mom hit the clubs

Snoop and Don Magic Juan go to Letterman show

Angry Mini Me gets a ride in NYC

Donald Trump's wife has never smiled...wonder why

Nicky Hilton actually eats

Oh, the pain, the agony... of the ugliest bitch on this earth

I like Melissa Joan Hart, (who just had a baby) but horrible leggings, sweater, shoes and hair

Lindsay goes out to Villa last night with some guy..rare, she usually leaves with a stranger

Why is she working in Hollywood? Why? It's not like she's a great actress, she's reall annoying. And she does modeling, omg.

Tori and Perez spend quality time together

Chris and Ryder Robinson go for icecream with their luxurious hair blowing in the wind

Nick Lachey is gross look at his tongue! There's sauce and a fennel seed on it

Pete Doherty