Lindsay's Tantrum Will Cost Her More Than She Knows

I don't know who Lindsay Lohan believes she is, or why she would want to destroy her last chance at ANY KIND of a "job" in Hollywood, since she already has so few offers. She should be thrilled for any offer she is able to get, because she still doesn't understand that her opinion of her worth and ours is a whole different thing. I mean "HOSTING PARTIES", which really just amounts to showing up, looking good and being nice... is that really such a bad gig? While she was once gorgeous, (like Britney) that was a long, long time ago. She's a bitch, always, has an overinflated opinion of herself, and an unrealistic conception of her "fame." She's gross and used up looking too, so she can't even get by on her looks anymore. has learned that Lindsay Lohan's “hissy fit” at the Scandinavian Style Mansion in Beverly Hills on Friday night peeved venue owner Claus Hjelmbak big time!

“I’m grossly disappointed in Lindsay for not fulfilling her contractual duties,” Claus (pictured far right with Lindsay) tells us.

What’s more, he praised Lindsay's frenemy Paris Hilton for taking up Linsday’s slack and stepping up as a last-minute host.

“Paris truly saved the night,” he says. “She was very gracious to everyone — and was the life of the party!”

Even with her big feet and gigantic man hands, Paris was a real crowd pleaser

On Friday night, Lindsay, 21, arrived at the mansion for a fashion event she’d been paid to host, at which 13 posh designers were offering swag to a slew of A-listers.

But when she spied the words Paris Hilton Handbags plastered on the red-carpet event’s sponsor board, she reportedly pitched a fit — and fled the gala less than an hour later.

Soon after that, 27-year-old Paris herself showed up (with new beau Benji Madden) and stepped into the hosting role. Further irking event participants? Sources tell us Lindsay took some “very expensive gifts” with her before storming out.

Lindsay is delusional and doesn't get it.. her "career" (as a CHILD Disney star) is O-V-E-R. Here she poses with Wayne Joffe , "helping him" promote his cosmetics line. Yes, I want my face smeared with orange crap and I want to look 25 years older than I am, so get me some of those cosmetics! She doesn't have a clue how lucky she is to still get invited to ANY EVENT, let alone get paid. She won't even be getting those invites now. She's a nasty, blame everyone but herself little bitch, and I, for one (of many) am looking forward to her next "downfall" with glee.