Teeny Snares His Prey

Tom Cruise always gets what he wants. Always. And because "the Scientologists" want more African Americans, Teeny has been sucking up to Will and Jada for quite some time. Do you think I'm kidding?

I'm not

Does anyone on earth ever think that teeny man is really just their friend? Don't they know he is there to suck their brain out and steal their soul, along with all of their money?

Tom told Will that if he pointed at him enough times, that Will could enjoy the same level of fame and glory that he, himself does. Tom said, "Will, I am the world's biggest f**king movie star, and "my point" is like the hand of God himself."

Then Tom said, his tone becoming threatening, "But there will be a price to pay."

That bitch Jada has been a real problem for them though, she has a mind of her own.
The Scientologists don't want her.
She goes to the Church of Jada, mother f**ker! Still, Teeny's persistance and ass kissing seems to have paid off, as the couple is now in the process of becoming members.