Fatso Lies Some More

Note: Dark shading under her chins to disguise how many there are
Kirstie Alley is denying reports that she's regained any of the weight she lost on the Jenny Craig diet plan, claiming that she put on 10 pounds in January when she decided not to renew her contract but has lost it again.

Alley says she stopped working with Jenny Craig, which she considers the “best weight-loss program, bar none,” because the company wanted to go in a “different direction” with advertising. It’s using a more serious, health-conscious approach in ads featuring Queen Latifah, she says.

I wasn’t the right person to do that. For the past three years, I’ve written most of the commercials. All the commercials I did were based on comedy and self-deprecation. That’s my forte,” says the beastly freak. Yeah, your forte is that you're not funny, and you're a liar.