Lohan "Leech" Is A Rapist

Music manager Jeremy Geffen, who was recently spotted with Lindsay Lohan, was charged today for sexually assaulting two teenage girls in 2006 and 2007. Lindsay is a raging bitch, and has no normal friends. She can only hang around with scumbags. Even they don't like Lindsay, they leech off her.

Among his charges are rape by use of drugs, possession of cocaine and furnishing cocaine to a minor and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. Bail was recommended at $2 million.

Police arrested Geffen on March 13. The crimes allegedly took place at Hollywood nightclubs and at Geffen's home. According to police reports, Geffen told cops he manages musicians through his company, Geffen Enterprises, including D12, a rap group which counts Eminem as one of its members.

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