Blind Item

There is the D list reality celebutante who has been in this space before and others, usually accompanied by her friend who is also a celebutante. Anyway, at a party this week and our celebutante sees a guy she has spent some time with in the past. Weekends, nights in hotels after a party. A hookup who usually takes care of her, but someone she really likes. He is an athlete. Football player to be exact. Very good player. Excellent player. Superstar really. Also married. With child/children. Been married a very long time. Went with his wife to this party. Our celebutante didn't know that. Didn't know that when she snuck up behind him this week, and slipped her tongue in his ear, that she would feel a tap on her shoulder, turn around and face the wife. You could see the looks on the faces of all three were in shock, but the only words anyone heard were our celebutante saying, "You're married?" "How long have you been married?" I cannot wait to see that tape
crazy days and nights