Heather Devastated By 50 Million

Despite only being married to Paul McCartney for four years, Heather Mills was awarded $46.5 million and an additional $70,000 for her daughter's "expenses" in court yesterday.
Heather Mills outside court
This is a far cry from the $250 million she was demanding, and less than the $100 million settlement she and Paul had mutually agreed upon. However, McCartney's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton (who represented Prince Charles), talked him out of it and urged him to let a judge decide. He did and the gamble paid off. Mills' response after the ruling? Throwing a glass of water at Shackleton's head and a 12-minute rant outside the High Court because she felt she didn't get enough money. The Daily Mail reports: Miss Mills threw water over her former husband's lawyer and then laughingly announced that she had been "baptized in court."

This is the good part:
A close friend said that in private she was devastated about being awarded so little. "In court it is clear that she just got too cocky. "The worst thing she could have done was represent herself. On quite a few occasions, Heather was just too brusque with the judge and would talk over him. High Court judges don't take kindly to being ranted at. Heather just came across as incredibly greedy."

In 1993, Heather Mills was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing the street. The damage to her left leg was so severe, it had to be amputated below the knee. Nine years later she married Paul McCartney. They had one daughter. Today she has $50 million. She holds the title of "Most Hated Woman in England." We don't like her here, either. She's an annoying,know-it-all loudmouth AT BEST. We wanted her leg to fly off during Dancing With the Stars. Her accent is annoying too.