England's Britney, Kerry Katona In The Psych Ward

Filming of Kerry Katona's reality TV show
Crazy in Love has been suspended after she checked herself into the Priory after spiraling into depression.

The pregnant mother-of-three fell to pieces after learning about her cab driver husband's affair with a barmaid and more reports of her doing drugs. Currently being treated in the Priory, Kerry is said to be "severely emotional and depressed" which has forced MTV to temporarily halt
filming at the stars home.
kerry katona
Her husband Mark was recorded on tape, saying he was only with Kerry for the money, and that she "wasn't his cup of tea."

kerry katona
A spokesperson for MTV confirms the show is on the back burner until Kerry "gets well." The nut house is the new rehab, the new "club." You are not a real celebrity unless you've done time in the nut bin
The old Kerry
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