A Drunken Mama Spears Turns 53

The Beverly Hillbillies, I mean The Spears family, hit The Paradise Beach Cafe in Malibu, where Mama, the birthday girl, had a little too much to drink. (As usual)
Daddy done fergot his billfold, and the shrimp meal had to come out of poor Brit's allowance

Daddy was overheard asking Brit, "You got yer panties on don't you, crumb cake?'

Mama has had some recent face work done, and used that as an excuse to get falling down drunk. Here, glassy eyed Mama attempts to hang up her coat

Confused, Mama then asked if the captain of the ship could serve them their meal.
"We aint on no ship, mama," Brit said, annoyed.

The evening ended with Mama making a fool out of herself, calling Daddy Spears names, and she had to be carried out to the car. Brit stayed and ate the leftover food off her plate.

Britney, unable to hide her excitement, had been looking forward to a night with her Mama and daddy all day long