The Girl Who Took Britney's Place Next To Greasy Adnan

Adnan, Britney's ex, ugly, Afghanastan, greasy boyfriend has a new woman in her life, and she is talking!

Amanda Pagel says the two have been dating since Jan of this year:

I fell for him because I was feeling vulnerable after my breakup, like Britney, and he made me feel amazing about myself. He used to call me “Bebe” but I found out recently that’s his pet name for Britney, too, which hurts. “

On what Adnan told her about Britney:

“The first time he came over to my house, I asked about Britney. He swore they were just good friends. He promised they weren’t having sex and he kept reminding me what a hard time Britney had been through. ‘We’re close and I’m supporting her through difficult times,’ he told me. We never went out in public — I thought he was protecting Britney’s feelings. He kept saying, ‘As soon as she’s back on her own feet, we can go public.’ I suspected he might be lying, but I wanted to believe him.”