MTV Real World Party

MTV held a Real World Awards Bash last night in Hollywood and brought back every loser they could from all 39 (16)Real World seasons. Above is Eric Nies from the first Real World. Sadly, MTV could not get 4 of the sickest Real World freaks in history. I'm talking about Puck (San Francisco), Irene (Seattle), Flora (Miami) and Genesis (Boston). If you're a fan, you'll remember Eric Nies "the hunk" from Season 1:
That freak Stephen who slapped Irene, (the victim of Limes Disease), for saying he was gay
Jon the country singer never was much to write home about but UGHHHHH
Skanky, so gross Trishelle from RW Las Vegas, has a porn "career" now and actually advertises for men on Craigslist for her gang porns. She is revoltingTonya, RW Chicago, what trash!