Loudmouth Amputee Isn't Finished With McCartney Yet!

0319_heather_mills_bigmouth_00.JPGBecause 48 Million Dollars isn't enough money for someone who was a homeless hooker just ten years ago. Oh , she hasn't even started talking. It's too bad that ANYONE is willing to listen. And she has that fame whore bitch Gloria Allred as her sidekick now.

Page Six reports:
Mills is demanding slightly more than $2 million - to not only talk, but share intimate photos and tape recordings she made of the ex-Beatle without his knowledge. (Isn't that illegal?) Mills is also said to be pitching to American networks, which could get around their "we don't pay for news" proclamations by paying for her pictures and tapes. "She's greedy," said a person who knows of Mills' dealings. "She should just go away, but she loves the spotlight and the attention."