Self Mutilation

Ashlee wasn't much to look at
True, she went through some horrible hair and make-up stages
I guess Ashlee probably did need a nose job After her nose job, which I agree she probably needed, she was beautiful.
But then she kept doing stuff! To her chin, her cheeks, her lips
She has gone out of her way to change her appearance... for the worst. and she can't stop

Then she met Pete Wentz, her bisexual emo counterpart. Asshe continues to "experiment" with "her style," she looks more haggard, older, trashy and mutated. Why are these 99 cent sunglasses so popular? Why is she wearing a bobbypin in her dirty stringy red hair? Why doesn't she eat? How can she think she's cool? Who listens to her horrible "music?" Why is her head too big for her body, and where did she get that bruise on her arm?