Kerry Takes Drug Test To Show The World She's Clean

kerry katonaThe reality television star underwent a hypnotism session with Marisa Peer on her reality show to beat an addiction to cigarettes

Kerry Katona's cocaine test was carried out on a strand of her hair – which can carry evidence of recreational drug use for up to six months after being used - and the results are negative.The move will be something of a triumph for Kerry, who was devastated after a former friend accused her of using cocaine in January – when she was four months pregnant.

“How terrible to give birth to a beautiful baby that then has to be weaned off the drugs that have been pumped into its tiny body”, she said.
Kerry also wants to cancel her MTV reality TV show Crazy In Love - just weeks after it launched.

A source said she is devastated by the criticism she has received for drinking and smoking on the show while pregnant, and is furious with MTV for the way that they have depicted her and husband Mark Croft, according to Star magazine.