J. Ho Needed Us To See Her

J. Ho just had to have some attention, and wanted everyone to see how beautiful she is, so she went out to show off her body. She forgot that she has the same face, though, and she's still married to Skeletor, which makes anyone look good. Her face sure has taken a beating!
Poor Skel! Look at his red rimmed eyes. You know he hasn't slept a wink since she brought those brats home!
That bitch hasn't done a thing between Skel and her four full time nannies. Meanwhile, the burp whisperer has not only lost sleep, he's been crying. You know the bulldog smacks him around!
Sweet sweet Skeletor. I want to put my arms around him! He doesn't even know where he is! She just had to show the world she looked good. (she thinks) She still looks pregnant, and ridiculous in a mini dress. Look at meeeeeeee I'm Jennifer not JLO! Not Jennyfromtheblock

That is the fakest look of surprise I've ever seen. She pays people to come up and ask for her autograph when she goes out.

Skeletor is well trained. He knows hebetter talk about her like she's his queen. His quote:
He added that it was typical Jennifer to go for twins for her first children: “I told Jennifer, nothing you do is small. Everything you do it on such large scale. The first time you give birth, you give birth to twins."
As if she wasn't on fertility drugs for YEARS to have twins. And, As if Skeletor has the power to muster up what it takes to conceive twins. She looks like a bulldog! I'm surprised she wasn't whoring Max and Emme around with her. She's probably got 25 F.B.I. agents standing over their cribs, because everyone wants her ugly kids, you know.

Wait.. do I feel just a slight shiver of sympathy for Skeletor? He's delirious, look at him. That whore runs him ragged with her incessant demands. Like they need to be at NBC studios.. for what/ She's so vulgar, look how she's standing. Yeah, you look real hot. Now go home,no one cares