Dina Thinks She's J. Lo Instead of Oprah Now, And Ali Lohan Has To Be Home Schooled Because No One Likes Her

In the pilot episode of Living Lohan, Dina will sicken you with spine chilling statements such as:
"People are just idiots! I'm looking for idiots talking trash."
"I'm like a lion who must protect her cubs!"
"It's a big game of chess and it's our move. Bring it on!!!"
The NY Post reports that Dina recently went out to party, leaving Ali and Cody alone in the house, which caught fire.
Dina is such a freakkkkk!!!!! She said: "Ali loves "this business" and UNFORTUNATELY, I have to manage her." (even though she can't do anything)

"A little while ago ... a couple of girls in school made up a video of me and put it up on YouTube," Ali told People. "They used disgusting words. Like if my mom ever heard me say that stuff, I'd be grounded for life! ... They're disgusting kids. I got really aggravated."
School authorities were notified, the 14-year-old adds, "and the students got suspended."

Such problems are a thing of the past, now that the eighth-grader is being home-schooled to accommodate her work and travel schedule.

"You learn so much more – it's just hard to focus when girls are giving you problems," she says. "No one's talking about you behind your back. It's definitely easier. I don't think it's because my mom and sister are whores, I think they are all jealous of me because I'm so pretty and talented," she bragged.

A clip from the show. Dina talks like a MAN and she can't move her BUSTED face AT ALL, and she thinks she's SO COOL, easily the most sickening bitch ever to be on TV
And, finally, Dina thinks Lindsay is too big of a star to be on their show. Um.... she said

I told Lindsay I don’t want her on the show right now. … Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career goes."

WHAT CAREER? Stealing? Because all she does is steal and wear shiny tight leggings, oh, and she does lesbian stuff. That's her career.

However, Dina thinks reality TV is good enough for JLo. She told Radar, “Three years ago I would have said, ‘No way am I doing a reality show … but it's just where entertainment is headed. I mean, even J.Lo has one these days.