This Couple Paid $30,000. For An Hour With Pete

A wealthy American entrepreneur who had flown 6,000 miles and paid $30,000 for the privilege of a personal show by Pete Doherty was left waiting seven hours for Pete to "come to."

In this photo of the couple, tycoon Greg Thomas and his wife Cynthia are leaving Pete Doherty's rented farmhouse after the late-night private performance, which was in Pete's living room. Someone should have told them that he would have done it for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, his going rate right now!

Californian computer games tycoon Greg Thomas was surely expecting an unforgettable appearance from his musical hero - but when the appointed hour came, the wayward Babyshambles singer was, according to his friends, barely able to stand.
But rather than curse and demand his money back, Mr Thomas calmly waited seven hours until Doherty was sober enough to perform.

While waiting for the gig to start on Friday night, the singer's friend, Paul Roundhill said: "This guy loves Pete. It's going to be really great. I just hope Pete is straight enough to perform.

"I think someone might have given him some drugs as he's out of it at the moment. But I'm going to wake him up when they get here."

After waiting seven hours, they were finally ushered inside by the singer, who exclaimed: "Great to meet you."
For the next hour Mr and Mrs Thomas were treated to a personal performance by the singer.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas stayed at the house until late yesterday morning. Before they left they ensured they got plenty of souvenir photographs with Doherty and even filmed part of the performance on a video camera.
They refused to comment as they left in a taxi bound for London but appeared happy and delighted at their night's entertainment.
"Blimey! Am I Beat!" Pete told photographers. (Okay, I don't know what he said)

Not many fans get to spend such quality time with Pete. Ha! Ha! That's what they get for having PETE BE THEIR "HERO". Sickkkkkkkk
Later yesterday morning, Doherty, wearing a brown hat, emerged blinking in the sunlight to beat the dust from a rug