In Touch and OK! Are Losers

Oh please. Is anyone really going to buy this or care that this dumb bitch is wearing yellow? Cover Awards says:
In a drastic departure from from her usual uniform of black clothing, a radiant Angelina Jolie was spotted heading to dinner at Marino….wearing a yellow free-flowing dress. And her new look may be signaling more than just a change in style. ‘Angie is in a really good place right now in her life,’ a friend of the actress tells OK!. ‘She’s got a lighter look, and lighter outlook on life.” Their cover should have been about her heroin tape for sale. Now that would sell some magazines. Yes, I'm wearing shorts today and man, do I feel alive!
Hot New Love? BORING. I'm surprised their cover isn't about John's "hot new Michael J. Fox inspired feathered haircut." Don't buy these magazines, they are a joke.