Amy's New Love, I Give it a Week Tops

The only thing these two have in common is they both have really cheap, really dirty shoes. Period. Before handing herself in to police for questioning over that pub assault on Friday, the emaciated freak spent the previous evening with new love Alex Haynes, 24. He is apparently out of his mind. She's been dating him for weeks and they are said to be madly in love. Of course he doesn't do drugs or drink so this will last a long time, because... UM... she DOES.
Amy Winehouse Alex Haynes 24 April 2008

Haynes has been described as a "clean-cut mummy's boy from Gloucestershire" - the opposite to self-confessed drug addict Fielder-Civil.

A friend told The Sun: "It is a relief that it's finally out and they have everyone's 100 per cent backing Alex is a good boy.

Amy Winehouse Alex Haynes 24 April 2008