Let The Ass Kissing Begin

Don't forget to watch Friday's Oprah! Of course, she won't "ask the tough questions," as she pretends she will, because if she did, do you really think Teeny would be smiling at her in the scary way that only he can? Tough questions, my ass. Here, why doesn't she ask him MY QUESTIONS?

1. Do you really believe you can move objects with your mind?
2. Do you have 4 inch lifts built into all of your shoes, or just some of them?
3. Is it true you never have sex with any of your wives?
4. Do you really believe that you are not human, but, in fact, a part of this new homo-novis race?
5. Why doesn't your mother, Mary Lee, get her big rotten horse teeth fixed?
6. Who is Suri's real biological father, I mean, come on, we know she isn't yours!
7. Have you and John Travolta ever had sex?
8. Are you in love with David Beckham?
9. Do you think people really believe that you AREN'T gay?
10. Do you really claim to be able to cure people of any disease by looking at them?