Four Minutes of the Biggest Ass Kissing Session You've EVER SEEN

The ass kissing that takes place in Oprah's arrival ALONE makes me sick. Oh, so f**king fake and stomach churning. And Tom pretending to think Oprah looks beautiful. And Kate saying "I love you" over and over to Tom, like her chip malfunctioned! UGH. Kate reveals that they "roast hotdogs." You can tell she's not used to speaking without being told what to say, because she just repeats what Oprah says! (when talking about their driveway: "It's like... nothing I've ever seen before")

Oprah cannot shut up for even a second! She is so afraid of offending the tiny one! I can't believe his house was big enough for both of their ego's! And I love how fast Katie disappears! Teeny probly said "Say hello, bitch, and then get the hell out, I don't want you saying anything stupid!"

Nervous and retarded Oprah says about Tom's kitchen: "It's so... kitchen-like" , then, Tom brags how he looked "all over America" to find his home and when Oprah tells Tom how her "heart palpitated over the beauty of his home, the intensity when he looks over at Oprah and says "Yeah. It's the same for us," gave me a chill! He's clearly not human.