OK... But What About Her Acting?

According to Mike Walker, Gay Tom has crushed yet another one of Katie Holmes' dreams by saying she isn't good enough to do the Broadway show “All My Sons” - insisting her voice is far too drail to “project and dominate” in live theater!… Disagreeing angrily… Katie finally obeyed the gay one's order that she proceed immediately to Scientology Celebrity Centre where a church-approved coach will exercise and strengthen her vocal cords.

"Listen, bitch, your voice is too drail. I order you to the Scientology CENTRE, where you will study the proper way of voice projection. End of discussion."

Why don't they just move into the f**king Scientology CentRE, sick I like how it's spelled, oh CENTER isn't cool enough, if we call it CENTRE, maybe we can get more money! UGH. Did he really say DRAIL? WTF is that? I mean who says that? Oh I forgot, he's not of this race, he's far beyond the knowledge of a mere human man. And in his new race, he is King, a force like no other. He stands tall amongst his tiny homonovis brothers, as they only get to be about three feet high. Okay, there is no such word, I knew it.