It's Official

Pete Wentz and ASSlee are the most unattractive couple of the year. I can't believe his body. His shoes. He's all concave, like one of those drug addicts who only eats vegan! "Oh, I don't put starch and sugar in MY BODY and look how healthy I am, but I do heroin and I can hardly stand up because I'm a FREAK." Gross! And like those dudes on Jerry Springer that get them one of those thure dress up outfits backstage because all they've ever worn in their life is a pair of Wranglers and a Kmart shirt. In Pete's case, he usually wears ASSlee's leggings though. Nice pointed shoes, nice hair, I mean he's trying to LOOK GOOD.

They are both sickening, and that they are able to experience any level of "fame" finalizes the fact that there is no hope for this world.
They are both so intensely ugly. I love HOW HE STANDS, too. Their baby will be a mutation like this world has never seen.