Britney leaves her voice coach. Better weave, better nails. Still a freak, still wearing the rotten boots

Fake smile, bad acne, horrible sunglasses

Brit gives Jayden a piggyback ride, nice thick heavy snowstorm boots

Celine Dion is ugly

Nicole great mom Richie busts a move at a party in Palm Desert yesterday

Pam and Rick.. the end of a fairytale marriage...

Two long months together
and Pam told Larry King "It never happened"

Fun flashback! Crack is Whack!

Cojo has his make-up applied carefully

This was the main picture I meant to post in the Tiny Tim story because Cojo has Tiny's exact body!! It is really turning me on right now, to borrow a phrase from my friend and yours, Bret Michaels

and what would our day be without a little hello to Tom's Mom, Mary Lee?