Bloated Drunk Richie Sambora Looking For Love!

Guess who is replacing Bret Michaels for the next season of Rock of Love? Your dream and mine, Richie Sambora. I love this! I don't care how fake Rock of Love is, I can't wait to see this bloated loser in action. LIKE anyone normal would want this guy, and like he's a rock star!

Now that Bret has found love with Ambre Lake and insists it's the real thing, he is passing his skanky torch to Sambora so that the falling down drunk will have his chance to find love with a used up stripper.

48 year old Sambora has been single since he "hooked up" with ex hooker Denise Richards while he was still married to Heather Locklear. Heather is so excited for this show, she's already calling her girlfriends, planning to watch every week and make fun of him!

A source told OK! magazine that he is perfect for TV, because besides being a complete trainwreck because of his hard core drinking, he's really stupid too!