Brooke Hogan Booed By Angry Crowd

“American Gladiators” host Hulk Hogan bored his studio audience… when he showed them his daughter’s latest music video.

“Boo! Make it stop - please!”

That was the general sentiment of rowdy audience members at the April 13 taping of the NBC show when Brooke’s video played on the jumbo screen during a break.

“We though we’d be entertained by some of the sexy gladiators during breaks in filming, but instead, we got a snooze fest,” grumbled an audience member.

“This horrible music started playing, and then the video of this ‘wannabe Britney’ appeared on the jumbo screen. Everyone in the place looked confused….

“When we realized Hulk was just trying to promote Brooke’s new record, people started shouting, ‘Stop the music, Hulk. Please turn it off!’” said a source. The Hulk did what the angry crowd wanted. but he was mad about it.