You knew these were coming. First Spencer, (Steve) says the White House Correspondent's dinner isn't A listy enough for them just because HE wasn't invited.UGH. So he somehow got invited, and lucky for all of us there was a photographer at the White House to get these candids of the patriotic lovebirds oh my god I just remembered something! People have been wondering who would want to take all these fake pictures of them? THEY ARE TAKING THEM THEMSELVES! Yes, Steve just sets up his tripod and the timer. Now it makes more sense. Now who buys these lame, gay, ugly pics I don't know. I mean why.
NICE hooker shoes, no they're stripper shoes.

Oh they are so god damned wholesome. AND UGLY. with their Wonder bread and the American flag. and her cheap ass stripper shoes. God how I despise them. I love how they went to 7-11 and got these flags, omg.

Heidi is mad at Perez for something, and was posing angrily and topless all over D.C.