Katie Holmes Banished to Gold Base

Gold Base is the strict Scientology prison that has razor wired fences surrounding it, motion sensors every few inches, security cameras watching your every move, and even armed guards. This is where Tom just sent Katie Holmes, when he was unable, even with all his mighty power, to control Katie's thoughts by himself. What's an angry dwarf to do? He sent her to this Scientology boot camp where she was kept under 24-hour surveillance and subject to lie detector tests and marathon auditing sessions. People HAVE DIED at Gold Base.
Katie was recently secluded for three days at Gold Base, the remote, super secret Scientology compound in Hemet, Calif., where she was put through a demanding schedule. "It included various tests, confession sessions, tons of reading and physically challenging purification processes," a Scientology insider reveals. Tom insisted she go to Gold Base for some intense discipline after learning she wanted to go to New York to be in a Broadway play. Her first round of "auditing sessions" went 36 hours, and during this time, there is no food or sleep allowed.
If you'd like to plan a fun trip to Gold Base, or just learn more about it, this is a great website that exposes Scientology:

L Ron Hubbard's son said, in his 1983 interview with Penthouse Magazine:

L Ron Hubbard Jr : "I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not just worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan."