Another Freak Raised by Scientology

What kind of an idiot is Leah Remini? I'll answer that, a Scientologist. Is she kidding? She said on The Rachael Ray Show:

My daughter runs the house. The problem I'm having with bottle-feeding is basically that Sofia drinks six or more bottles a night. We're hearing that it's not good for her. In talking to our pediatrician, they almost fell off their chair when we said she's still on the bottle. So I'm thinking maybe it's not right."

You think? You're joking right? Bottles are for babies, you retarded loser. FOUR YEARS OLD? Let me guess, she's still in a diaper. And what a freak she is too! You've got a four year old running your house? That's what Tom tells you to do, isn't it? So pathetic. Hey, you should get together with the other really smart mothers of the world, Britney, who had to tell Heidi Klum (who has three toddlers) what the god damned velcro on a diaper was for. Yes she was tying them together with string! She "had no idea,"

Or call Denise Richards! She's got a FIVE YEAR OLD daughter who is the spawn of Satan himself because coke whore Denise has never paid an instant of attention to her. Yes she's still pooping her pants and sucking on a greasy old rag. My daughter was trained in one day when she was 19 months old. TIP FOR YOU: Smart, normal kids don't want to poop their pants. This "they aren't ready" is because you have no business being a mother. That gigantic freak you're holding, Leah, isn't a baby. She isn't a toddler. She's almost school age. You people make me sick, the horrible helpless freaks you're raising.

Oh, and "pediatrician," my ass. You know you mutants aren't allowed to seek any medical advice! Your pediatrician is John Travolta, because Tom can't be bothered, he's resting up for when he's called to bring the new homo-novis race into the new galaxy.