Jessica: "Tony Likes That I'm an Idiot"

Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson is calling Tony Romo her "future husband."

Now, she tells the June issue of Glamour that she is "in love" with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, whom she says helped her gain more confidence.

She says she even wrote him a song, "Back in My Old Boots." (That sounds like a really cool song, I can't wait till it "comes out.")

"He reintroduced me to myself," Simpson says. "I thought that I had to be more intelligent, you know.. deeper, more profound and more artsy.

"Tony taught me that because he loves me as me. He made me feel comfortable being my moronic self again," she guffawed.

She dismisses critics who claimed she jinxed his career by showing up at one of his football games that he lost last year.

"Everybody takes everything out on me! But that was ludicrous," she says. "I don't understand why they think that I would be a distraction to Tony. Do they really think he can see way far up in that box? No."

She says Romo first caught her eye while she was going through her divorce with Nick Lachey.

"My family and I were watching a Cowboys game, and they were explaining to me that they weren't real cowboys, that the team was just called that-- ... and — Tony would die if I told you this — but I want everyone to know this because it makes me feel so cool, on TV there was a story about him," she says. "They said his celebrity dream crush was Jessica Simpson, and that's me!"she said as she roared with laughter.

"My family was like, 'Did you just hear that?'" she goes on. "His picture came up, and I'm like, 'He's really cute.' Then I heard that I was his crush, and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! I need a divorce right now!!"

"Tony said he likes his women stupid, drunk and rich, and that's me, I guess!"

After Tony spotted Jessica and Joe at the Country Music Awards last November, "Tony e-mailed my dad, 'Cute date,'" Simpson reveals. "Because, you know, I do date my dad, and sleep with him too. Hee-hee!"

"My dad was like, 'Look what Tony said,' Simpson says. "I said, 'Give him my e-mail address. We'll see if he's good with words.' Then he e-mailed me, and we flirted over e-mail and on the phone." "Because you know, I'm real good with words, especially when I'm drunk, Daddy and Tony like me to talk dirty."

On their first date, Simpson admits, "I had butterflies that you would not imagine. I wanted to puke in the cup holder ... It took me forever to put together an outfit!" "The Papa told me my best outfit is nothing at all! He's so funny!"

He tried to kiss her on their first date. "I was taken aback.... I hadn't kissed anyone but Papa Joey or Nick for so long. But I'm real slutty, so I just let him do what he wanted."

"The fact that this guy, on our first date, in the first 10 minutes of dinner, wanted to lean over the table and say, 'This is my girl, and I want to kiss her' -- our first kiss in front of everybody -- was awesome," she says.

"I just do whatever Tony does, no matter how stupid I look," she bragged proudly

She also hints about her split with Nick Lachey, saying, "Nick was boring and a know-it-all. Tony likes me stupid, and he even lets me pay for everything, which I think is really romantic."