Tom Reads The Tattlebuzz

Tom Cruise
When Oprah quizzed the small gay man over rumors that daughter Suri wasn't his biological child, Tom wasn't happy.

"When someone compares your daughter to Rosemary's baby, like I read on a blog I won't name.. - it's one thing to come after me," he said. Tom reads my blog! I think I was the only one to compare Suri to Rosemary's Baby! (Oh, be quiet. Just let me believe it)

Tom Cruise

"Say stuff about me. (Oh, don't worry, we will) But when it comes to my family, my children, that's when I went, 'This is off the chart'."

Cruise also dismissed suggested rumors that
his marriage to Katie Holmes was phony saying:
"That's laughable to me."

Below is a re-posting from February 27th.
I know Tom saw it! So, if I should disappear...

The Sick World of Scientology Exposed

Suri Cruise Is L. Ron Hubbard's Baby

Here is what Andrew Morton says in his new book about Tom Cruise, including that Suri is actually the child of L. Ron Hubbard. Andrew is a very reliable and respected writer, and all big celebs fear him. This is some sick stuff.

#1 Tom Cruise is second in command of the Church of Scientology.

#2 Morton compares Suri to the Devil's child in the film Rosemary's Baby.
#3 Scientology has taken over the 45-year-old actor's life, with its officials selecting the staff at his Hollywood mansion.
#4 Cruise is consulted by Scientology leader David Miscavige on "every aspect of planning and policy" and is tailoring his career to fit the aims of Scientology.
David Miscavige went on Tom and Katie's honeymoon

Miscavige is said in the book to have gone to extraordinary lengths to charm Cruise, even ordering his staff to plant a field full of wild flowers at a Scientology base in California after Cruise had told him of his fantasy to run through a wildflower meadow with his then newlywed wife Nicole Kidman.

The relationship between the two men is so close that, Miscavige even joined him on honeymoon in the Maldives after his wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006.

Morton writes some "fanatical" Scientologists believed Suri Cruise was actually the result of a sperm donation by Scientology's dead founder, L. Ron Hubbard.
I knew it. Morton says that Suri is actually L Ron's child. How sweet is that.

Morton writes that Katie might feel like she was in "the horror movie Rosemary's Baby, in which an unsuspecting young woman is impregnated with the Devil's child".

Rosemary has the Devil's baby