Well this says it all doesn't it. That's not normal dad behavior! He's jealous! What a psycho. That looks like a really fun date for Brooke and Jonathon too

Ashley Olsen without her make-up (sometimes we forget there is a normal Olsen twin)

Lindsay looks so pretty!

Here she is yesterday flashing the peace sign!!

Here are how hairy her legs were

Nicole takes a bite out of Joel

Jamie Lynne out enjoying her "single life"

Two more fugly Lohans

Look how cool Ashton thinks he is!! He's posing JUST LIKE DINA!

But his grandma's knees are gross

She's a bitch and he's an ugly punk farm boy

Now.. Amy? She's cool lol

Pam Anderson: beat

The number one most UNFUNNY freak on earth. Look how HARD she's trying to be funny, so pathetic. I can't believe Cheri Oteri would even sit with her

Cher with Stevie Nicks