Lohans Attacked Again!

Lindsay went to the hospital on Thursday, and first said it was for a visit to a friend, Dina now claims that it was “because she was having an asthma attack.”

“She was losing oxygen. She couldn’t breathe,” Dina told People magazine. “She was afraid to go the hospital because the paparazzi were gonna write about it. She was sick.” Um... paparazzi don't write about anything, dumbass. They take pictures.

“If you were sick, and you’re mother couldn’t even take you to a hospital because paparazzi will fabricate some story, you know, it’s sad. It’s really sad,” Dina adds. Yes you are all very sad, that's true. SHUT UP.

No, STFU. Yeah, she had an asthma attack, oh you poor, misunderstood, unfortunate, innocents, with the world attacking you all the time!