Celebrity Nose Pickers

J.Lo likes a salty treat on a snowy winter's day

Hilary Duff picks hers and then squeezes it to pretend she wasn't picking it

Owen Wilson's druggie pal, Steve Coogan, digs real deep

Halle Berry angrily digs for noseberries

Nick Carter poses after being caught picking his nose

Brit picks her nose because "she's country!"

Pam Anderson picks her nose at a soccer game

Sting feels cool when he picks his nose

Michael Keaton digs in his nose while eating, and Matthew McConaughey picks whenever he feels like it

Nicky Hilton and Mischa Barton pick their noses while shopping, so they can wipe it on the clothes they're looking at

Lindsay and Kate Hudson believe that no one sees them picking their nose... but someone will always see

Jake Gyllenhaal and Geoffrey Rush pick while doing other things

Cybil Shepherd digs deep

Britney, caught digging, quickly pretends to "scratch"