Inside the Shocking World of Celebrity BODY ODOR

I love this stuff: A long-time maid at Graceland revealed that Elvis had extremely bad body odor. She said that no matter how bad Elvis smelled, though, he just splashed on more cologne. Even so, she said his smell didn't seem to affect women wanting to sleep with him.

According to an Elvis tell-all, his feet also smelled to high heaven, and he threw his unwashed socks into his suitcase when he was on tour. Then he gave the stinky suitcase to his mother to clean when he got home. The contents were supposedly so stinky that she had to put on a mask and rubber gloves to wash them.

They don't call him Brad "Pitt" for nothin.
Direct Quote from Angelina Jolie: "Brad smells badly. VERY badly."
Direct Quote from Jennifer Aniston: "Brad doesn't like to shower. I always have to remind him."
Several of "Pitt's" co-stars have complained about him smelling - to which he angrily responded by purchasing a new $3,600 Calvin Klein shirt instead of merely taking a shower.

Keanu Reeves has had nearly every actress he worked with complain of his foul stench. His armpit rot even caused one of his co-stars to faint!
Goldie Hawn can clear entire rooms with her body odor. So can Courtney Cox. Those who have been anywhere near Russell Crowe describe his aroma as a "heart stopping body odor", and, as a bonus, he has fish breath. Robin Williams is very hairy and sweats alot, and his B.O. can "make your eyes water." Cameron Diaz won't wear deodorant, believing it's "bad for the environment", and doesn't shave her armpits, causing many of her co-stars to complain. Now Kirsten Dunst is the latest stinky offender, refusing to shower for sometimes a week or more.

You didn't think I could leave Britney out, did you? Honorable mention goes to her foot odor, as she has been asked to put her shoes back on in airplanes. Recently when other passengers complained of the overpowering rotten aroma coming from her hooves, instead of putting her shoes on, Britney demanded to be let off the plane, which had all the passengers applauding.