Britney Has Given Up

"Those perty light things are so sparkly, Y'all!"

As Britney's skin gets worse, and she continues to gain weight, she has one friend on her side. Gay N'Sync singer, Lance Bass, paid her a visit last night and said she's doing "great." Mmm Hmm.She looked disoriented and out of place standing in an expensive chandelier shop, trying to pick out a chandelier for one of the homes she pays a $49,000. a month mortgage for. While she did this, HER KIDS SAT IN THE CAR. She stays in a different hotel every night. She is being sued by the manager who made her famous from 1999-2003, because he owes him alot of money. New charges have been brought against her for running over that cop's foot.

Then she was seen strolling around Beverly Hills yesterday in a pair of crumpled pajama pants. She becomes more like Michael Jackson every day. Wearing your pajamas in public is a sure sign of giving up hope.