Larry Has No Respect for Jerry

What's the deal with Larry?

Who the hell am I?

Jerry Seinfeld looked pretty annoyed with crusty 103 year old Larry King when Larry didn't have a clue about Jerry's classic show. What's the deal with that?

On Thursday's "Larry King Live," the uninformed corpse asked Jerry if "Seinfeld" was canceled, and he was serious. Jerry seemed genuinely shocked that Larry (his "Bee Movie" co-star) didn't know. "You think I got canceled?" Jerry shot back. "I was the number one show on television, Larry ... 75 million viewers in the last episode."

Bury this dude. He clearly doesn't even know who HE is, let alone a guest on his show. He is not only too old to be on TV, he's too old to be alive. Is he alive? He's painful to watch.