Worried Paul Wants Custody Now

Paul McCartney wants custody of his daughter after seeing Heather Mills' major meltdown on TV. Paul, 65, has already consulted lawyers. A close friend said: "Paul fears Heather's lost her mind and needs help. He's deeply worried.

"She claimed to the world that her life's at risk. If that's true, so is Bea's and she must be with her dad."

After a tense face-to-face confrontation between the warring couple on Friday, angry McCartney asked an aide: "Is Heather trying to kill me?"

Last week Paul watched open-mouthed in astonishment as Bea hid behind his legs when big sister Stella called her over.

Friends say he was even more furious when the child referred to his daughter as "that bad woman" and told him: "Mummy's so sad."