I Have Never Felt Such Hatred and Disgust

Their PAIN! Spencer is fat now and has pubes on his face!

Okay, whoever is taking these Heidi and Spencer photos, ENOUGH! I've never felt such rage as I do when I see these two posing for pictures, never! It scares me. Here is the talentless skank posing in different poses while she blubbers and cries about how everyone made fun of her Higher video. Then she stood up clutching her CD to cry some more and posed.
Then Spencer consoled her until the photo was taken.

She's wearing a shiny Las Vegas Liberace jacket and purple pumps with mascara running down her fake plastic surgeried ugly face, and Spencer says:
"Eat your hearts out, Madonna and Britney, because Heidi is going to sell millions of records, we got ourselves a gold record here."

In the midst of her FAKE "hysteria," they keep changing positions! Sitting on the curb, standing, then to a prop chair in the bushes, OMG

More like eat your hearts out Paris and Lindsay, because Heidi will sell 17 cd's, which is 2 more than Paris did. God these two are beyond SICKENING
They NEVER STOP CLUTCHING HER GREAT CD though, the source of ALL THEIR AGONY, sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

He goes on to say, "We're financing the album ourselves on a shoestring budget. IMAGINE THAT! No record label? It's so organic. And this is just the warm-up. We're just heating up the water in the bathtub. It's gonna get hot!"