Brit Bits

That's why I love celebrity gossip. I completely removed myself for one month, didn't see or peek at one celeb blog or "entertainment" TV show. I didn't do it to pretend I'm cool, like those idiots who love to say, "I don't watch TV", somehow believing that this ridiculous statement makes them seem cultured, intelligent and better than everyone else . Ha! Ha!!! I love that when some smug, arrogant moron says that to me. I'll say "Um... that's not something I'd tell too many people, it just makes you sound stupid." Anyway, I did it because I knew I'd be too guilty about my blog!
I love how nothing has really changed, it's just like soap operas, (which I gave up when I was 15, forced to watch Another World and Young and Restless by my grandma since I was 7.)
Britney is still stupid, smoking next to a propane tank
Don't care

She still has greasy bad skin, huge ears and a really stupid look on her face

and I still really need to know what's going on here

Lindsay is still a dirty slut. TAKE. A. BATH.