"Im totally freaked out. I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support. … I went to school with my mom’s new boyfriend. He was a grade under me. Me and Nick know him well. Me and Nick are two years apart, and he was right between us in school. I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It’s crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best." ... talentless, manly, attention whore Brooke Hogan, who is obsessed with us praying for her, and lets her dad rub oil on her ass cheeks.
This may be old news, but it's what brought me back. Thanks for all of your support, and noticing that I've been gone. I'll come back, but right now, I just started a new job making crazy money just for talking on the phone, and I've been hanging out with my son who is visiting me. He's way too much fun.