Coke Monster Blohan Thrown Out of Party

Trailer whore Dina Lohan got herself and her hideously UGLY daughter Ali kicked out of the after party for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 premiere.”

Of course Dina claims she wasn’t kicked out — she voluntarily left the party because a studio staffer “raised his voice” at her. Oh dear!!

E! Online’s Marc Malkin says:

Sources report that when coke slut Dina, Ali and a friend of Ali’s arrived to the after-party, they sat down at a reserved table. A studio staffer politely asked her to change tables, but “Long Island tramp Dina “went crazy as if she were some sort of celebrity,” a partygoer tells me. She was screaming, "I'm ready to rumble, bitches!"

“It so wasn’t cool.”So not cool that “Dina was thrown out” from the rooftop soirée , another source says. Dina, however, claims she decided to ditch the party because she says that the studio staffer started raising his voice.

He made the girls uncomfortable,” Dina wrote in an email to me this afternoon. “At that point, the girls wanted to leave.” Um... what were 13 year old girls doing at a soirée anyway? uGH.

But my party source insists, the studio folks “couldn’t have been nicer . . . Dina was so awful, such nasty gutter trash.” wow, shocking.