Oh yay. Vulgar real funny bull dyke child abuser O'Donnell is returning to T.V.! OMG can't she just go away?? Here, O'Donnell is seen with a bright red clown's nose... oh, wait that's just her alcoholic's nose

Donald Trump said:

"Rosie is a big, sad, fat failure. She's a slob and has no talent, yet she keeps forcing herself on us, the same way she forces food into her obese body. She's a very sick woman, and I don't know a single soul alive who can stand her. She is so awful to look at that no one will watch her show. I would feel sorry for her, but she's a disgusting pig. I will enjoy watching as her show is canceled after a few gut wrenching installments. She is very obnoxious, and probably the ugliest person I know. She's very fat and no one likes her. She thinks she's cool, which is deeply tragic. Her armpits smell like red onions. And she's really evil, not a nice person at all."
Abusive and violent to her lover and her kids, sweathog O'Donnell is shown here with cut all over her big fat hands

Rosie has a winning smile, very natural and warm

Fat Pig O'Donnell has a fashion sense that's up to the minute! Here, she "sizzles" in a plum print duster, paired with some faded black sweat clothes, which leave nothing to the imagination!