Jen's Pain, Part 377

John Mayer says his "relationship" with scraggly, blubbering Jennifer Aniston is VAGUE. He cheats on her! Ha! Ha!!!! In Touch Magazine says:

Sadly, Jennifer Aniston may be setting herself up for another heartbreak.

Just two days before she flew to Amsterdam to meet John Mayer, who has a head WAY too big for his body ,the 30-year-old rock star was in a coffeehouse in the Dutch city, trying to convince a pretty tourist to have dinner — or after-dinner drinks — with him. On June 20, John approached Chaton Anderson, a writer from Manhattan Beach, Calif., and sat beside her at her table. “I think he thought I was from Amsterdam, because he said, ‘I am John and I am a singer,’ ” Chaton tells In Touch exclusively. “I laughed because I knew who he was.” Chaton, 32, also was aware that he has been dating Jen. “I asked him what his relationship status was,” she explains. “He said, ‘It’s vague.’ I asked him what that meant and he said, ‘You know, it’s very vague.’ I just laughed. I never mentioned Jennifer and neither did he.” Chaton gave John the number of her prepaid cell phone — but the phone was later stolen. “I’ll never know if he called or not,” she says. What she did say is that John was acting very much like a single man. “I never would have guessed he had a girlfriend at all,” Chaton adds.