Valerie Bertinelli Needs to STFU

Valerie Bertinelli has a message for Britney Spears - "stay at home and look after your kids." Bertinelli has no sympathy for Brit, and I know for a fact Britney doesn't care. Valerie has a young son who weighs at least 300 pounds.

She told "Entertainment Tonight," "If you're gonna have children that young, stay at home and take care of them... Put your underwear on and stay home."

Bertinelli is watching troubled Spears' every move - and feels it's time for the pop star to quit posing for the paparazzi and get serious about parenting.

She adds, "How many times do you need to go to the gas station and Starbucks every day?"

And the former child star admits she's sick of seeing today's young actresses behaving badly: "You just want to shake some of them and say, 'Stop it, just stop it!'"

Now I have a message for Valerie:
Dear Valerie,
Mind your own business. Britney is a mess, but you're a liar. Who do you think you're kidding, pretending to have lost 30 pounds?! You LOOK THE SAME. Fat, with old lady clothes that have big ruffles on them. Sorry, it doesn't hide your fat.

It's been reported, and their are police documents to prove it, that the an you are about to marry is a wife beater. He put his wife in the hospital, and you defended him. Not cool.

You go home and stay there. Quit giving interviews about things that are none of your business. Put your husband back in rehab for the 34th time, and put your morbidly obese son on a diet.