Kerry Katona's Husband Has a Job: Her Chauffer

Kerry Katona has admitted that she has become so depressed that she has thought about ending it all by committing suicide.

The troubled star has had to endure countless stories being sold to the press by her friends, her ex husband Brian McFadden and even her own mother.

The former Atomic Kitten singer said: 'You do feel suicidal; you lie there thinking "I don't want to live any more".

Kerry Katona

Kerry says that she has considered suicide but would never do it because of her kids

But Kerry says she has never attempted suicide and has got through her problems with the help of new husband Mark Croft, who she describes as 'my safety net, my backbone, my rock'.

She added: 'I've watched my mum over the years, trying to kill herself countless times, and to me it's a coward's way out and it made me feel unloved and unworthy.

The star has remained tight-lipped since her mother told Star Magazine last month that she had been involved in prostitution to fund her drug habits.

Kerry Katona

Kerry and her husband Mark Croft before she gave birth to her fourth child, Max - her second with Mark

Kerry says that Mark's official job is now her chauffeur. SICKKKKKKKKKKKK
She denied that he is a 'glorified taxi driver' and added: 'He's a chauffeur now darling!'

And what about the fact that he blatantly cheats on her and tells everyone he's with her for her money?

'No matter what Mark's always going to be labeled a cheat. It doesn't bother me in the slightest because I know that Mark isn't going to go out for burgers when he's got steak at home', says Kerry.

'Mark is one of the most loving people - brilliant with the kids, brilliant with me and he certainly never cheats. Ha! Ha! SOO good looking too.

'Mark is my best friend. If you put Brad Pitt next to him, I'd still pick Mark ten times over. He's my safety net, my backbone, my rock.'