Mel Gibson Was Trying To Hook His Son Up

Mel wasn't really trying to "help" Britney at all, his son needed a pudgy, crazy date.
According to Show Biz Spy,

Mel thought his son — who has turned his life around since he was admitted to the Cri-Help rehab facility in Hollywood last year — could help the troubled Toxic singer do the same.
A source tells the publication, “Mel felt Ed would be a great influence on Brit, and if the relationship turned into romance, all the better.”

Mel then arranged a meeting between the pair at Britney’s Hollywood Hills home last March, says the source.
“He sincerely believed that his son could help Britney stay on the straight and narrow and that they might hit it off as a couple as well,” the source adds.

But Spears refused to see Ed, and hid from him and Mel as soon as they arrived at her house.The source continues, “She hid from them for most of the night. Mel and his son spent most of their evening talking to her bodyguards!”