Mommie Dearest to Have Slumber Party with Amy

Actress FAYE DUNAWAY has invited AMY WINEHOUSE and husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL for a break at her New York home. The film legend complimented the Rehab singer on her talent as they waited for a private audience with Prince at the O2 arena in London's Docklands last week . Dunaway told Winehouse she had a "beautiful voice" and a "rare talent".

She was heard adding, "This industry can be really tough, you know. I think it is important to rest. I have a great house in America and I want you to know that you are welcome to come over whenever you want. "Even if you are the strongest person in the world, being in London takes it out of you." She adds, "I'll write down my contact details for you now and you call me when you are in New York and you can come over. It will be a good rest for you, make you all creative again." Winehouse accepted the offer, saying that the trip would help her write her next album.